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SSAS Maestro and the first challenge

January 24, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Its official, 2012 ended on a high for me, I received confirmation that I have passed the Microsoft SSAS Maestro certification!!! I won’t repeat the details of the what the Maestro certification is but you can find details here and here.

Before I go on, I want to stop and say I loved the whole Maestro experience, i found it inspirational and invigorating! Thank you for the opportunity.

Now, what is the challenge i`m referring to? Well, I announced to the team of highly skilled BI developers I regularly work with that I was now a Maestro so they set me my first Maestro task to further optimise their already highly optimised process update and the results are really really interesting and I will be posting a 1 or 2 part blog entitled “The Anatomy of a process update” which will be coming shortly so stay tuned!

As a teaser, during the process of pulling apart process update some of the moments of discovery I had went like this.

“That explains why x appeared to yield no benefit….”

“Really!?!?! I never saw that coming”

“Wow! That’s one for the blog!”

“Maestro Moment — Realising the true potential and implications of the discovery…”

Open-mouthed smile

Stay tuned!

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